PTI Jalsa at Minar e Pakistan | Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s Historic Address at Minar-e- Pakistan

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PTI Jalsa at Minar e Pakistan | Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s Historic Address at Minar-e- Pakistan 

PTI Jalsa at Minar e Pakistan | Chairman PTI Imran Khan's Historic Address at Minar-e- Pakistan

Imran Khan, a former prime minister and the leader of the Pakistan
Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), declared on Sunday that his party’s power show at
Minar-e-Pakistan would take place on March 22, according to Aaj News.

 On Wednesday, we will perform a significant jalsa at the
Minar-e-Pakistan. It will be a referendum on where the general public stands,
and I want the entire nation to watch it. In a televised speech, he declared,
“Everyone will know where the country stands and where the gang of thieves
and their handlers stand.

 The Lahore High Court ordered the PTI to reschedule its
protest and engage in conversation with the government despite the PTI
president having earlier set the power show for Sunday, March 19.

Imran slammed the Inspector General (IG) Punjab Police and
other officers during his speech for participating in a “assault” on
his Zaman Park mansion in Lahore.

 Imran claimed that only his wife Bushra Bibi and a small
group of his servants were present when the police tore down the gate and his

 I want to ask everyone about the respect of chador and
char dewar in Islam, including police officials, army soldiers, judges in this
country, and the citizens.”

Imran said in Jalsa at Minar e Pakistan   there was video evidence that the investigators
“looted” his house. “Are cops supposed to break into houses?
They stole whatever they came across. Do you not feel any guilt?

The PTI president stated at the opening of his speech that
he intended to address the crowd last night but was unable to do so due to
technological difficulties. “I was angry, so it was a good thing I didn’t.
And one shouldn’t speak out of anger, he added.

 Imran enquired as to the details of his offence. He claimed
that 96 cases had been filed against him despite the fact that the country knew
he always followed the law.

 Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s Historic Address at Minar-e- Pakistan

 The PTI leader claimed in Jalsa at Minar e Pakistan  that whenever he leaves the house,
new complaints are filed against him. Who is responsible? The criminals who are
harming the nation by doing this have filed lawsuits against me.

He added that the coalition administration had the support of
“handlers” and claimed responsibility for the assassination attempt
on him in Wazirabad.

Imran attacked Mohsin Naqvi, acting as interim chief
minister of Punjab, declaring: “He views Zardari like a father. What would
his personality then be like?


The former premier gave a synopsis of the previous few
weeks, stating that once the election date of April 30 was set, his party
decided to launch its election campaign by having a rally in Lahore on March 8.

“We worked out every last detail of the rally’s schedule
with the police on March 7 night. We received approval. The temporary
government implemented Section 144 the following day as we were ready to begin,
and police soon showed there.


Imran claimed in Jalsa at Minar e Pakistan  that police fired tear gas and water cannons
at PTI workers as the gathering moved closer to Zaman Park. He then called off
the demonstration by 5 o’clock because “I know that they are attempting to
make the issue worse,” he said.


Imran claimed that the police operation in Zaman Park
started as a result of his request to move his hearing from an Islamabad court
due to security concerns.


He said that F-8 Kachery was a death trap and that arrest
warrants had been issued for him. He said that a sizable “army” had
been summoned to his Lahore home pursuant to warrants issued by a magistrate.
There were also issued warrants for Rana Sanaullah, the interior minister, but
nothing was done.


He said in Jalsa at Minar e Pakistan  that PTI workers were attacked by the police outside
his Zaman Park home with hundreds of tear gas shells, “rubber
bullets,” and even “actual bullets.”

“Attacks occurred frequently in my house. Has something
like ever occurred in Pakistani history?

Imran claimed that he was prepared to turn himself in to the
police, but the party members dissuaded him out of concern that they would
damage him (the government).

Commenting about the course of events on Saturday, Imran
questioned why his residence was being attacked from three directions if he
only needed to sign his attendance before a court in Islamabad. Rangers entered
the building in armoured trucks after scaling walls, as if a commando operation
were in progress.

“I said goodbye to my wife yesterday as I left my home.
I anticipated either being killed or being arrested. With in mind, I departed
from my house.

He claimed that when he arrived at the toll booth, the
motorway had been shut down by police. There was only one open lane. They
planned to block up traffic behind my car as I left so that other cars couldn’t
follow, and Islamabad as a whole was shut down as though they were waiting for
a major criminal.

Imran claimed that the authorities either intended to target
him for murder on his approach to the courthouse or wanted to detain him and
send him to Balochistan.

“Somehow, folks showed up to welcome and guard me.
Police began resolutely firing tear gas rounds as we drew near the courthouse.
Despite the situation getting worse, we waited outside the courthouse.

He claimed that if he had exited his car, they would have
tried to kill him in the crossfire. He continued, “They have long intended
to kill me, and I have been disclosing their schemes for two months.

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