Rangers arrest PTI chief Imran Khan in Islamabad When discussing the inquiry into deceased journalist Arshad Sharif, PTI chief says’sacred cows’ are beyond the law.

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Rangers arrest PTI chief Imran Khan in Islamabad

Rangers arrest PTI chief Imran Khan in Islamabad

When discussing the inquiry into deceased journalist Arshad Sharif, PTI chief says’sacred cows’ are beyond the law.

During a confrontation between attorneys and rangers, Rangers arrested PTI president Imran Khan from the grounds of the Islamabad High Court on Tuesday. The law enforcement agency, according to Khan’s counsel, did not produce them any arrest warrants.

A large police, ranger, and FC presence was stationed outside the court. Outside the court, at least two armoured vehicles were brought.

Prime Minister Imran’s instruction to ISPR
PTI president Imran Khan addressed the military’s media wing’s spokeswoman as ISPR Sahab before advising him to take action against the institution’s “black sheep.”

“ISPR Sahaba, when an institution takes action against its black sheep, it improves its credibility, and institutions that arrest those who commit fraud become strong,” he said in a video message before departing for Islamabad on Tuesday to appear in court.
The statement was issued in response to the ISPR’s statement, which called Khan’s charges against an army officer “fabricated, baseless, and irresponsible.”
Khan was deposed as Prime Minister in April 2022 following a vote of no-confidence. Since then, he has taken to the streets, demanding hasty elections. Last year, he survived an assassination attempt during a procession.
He was concerned about the perception of “defaming” the troops. “This is my army, my Pakistan; it is our army, not just yours.” We [the soldiers] probably care more about it than you do. These actions, such as closing the mouths of people who challenge you, have an impact on the institution.”
He asked the administration not to “waste money” by sending law enforcement personnel to Islamabad. Khan stated that he is willing to go to jail if a warrant is issued. He encouraged them to forward it to his attorney.
Section 144 (ban on public gatherings) is in effect in Islamabad, according to a tweet from the federal capital police.
“There is no case against me, but I am mentally prepared to be imprisoned.” “But my question is, are you ready?” he continued, while asking the government who he thinks is “imported.” A claim that the ruling coalition refutes.
He emphasised his concerns about the economy and shared a Bloomberg story that suggested Pakistan’s conditions were worse than those of Sri Lanka.
Khan renewed his charges against an army officer, accusing him of attempting to assassinate him twice.
In a reaction, he reminded the ISPR spokeswoman that respect extended to all citizens, not only institutions.
“I am the leader of the largest political party in the country.” For the past 50 years, the entire country has known who I am. I’m not required to lie. “This man [accused army officer] tried to kill me twice, and whenever an investigation is launched, I will prove that this was the person, and a whole group is with him, and everyone knows this in social media time,” he said, adding that he was “unable” to name the suspect in the FIR registered following an attempt on his life in Wazirabad last year.
When the inquiry is initiated and the FIR is filed, it will be proven. If he was innocent, the investigation would have revealed it.
He was perplexed as to why the Gujrat DPO and CCPO CTD refused to participate in the probe. When he visited the court in Islamabad in March, the PTI chairman claimed that the Inter-Services Intelligence had taken over the judicial complex. He claimed that when they arrived in Islamabad, a brigadier was sitting in the complex. He pledged to reveal the name.
“On her son’s death, [slain journalist] Arshad Sharif’s mother wrote this person’s name and his group.” “There was no investigation, and no one attempted to come forward because these are sacred cows,” Khan explained.
In response, Information Minister Marriyuma Aurangzeb claimed that Khan’s “lies and conspiracies” had become public knowledge.
“The army does not belong to the one who conducts a dirty campaign against the martyrs of the army, and the people do not belong to the one who conspires against the country, makes the people hungry and unemployed,” she declared.
The FIR was not registered by “your own” administration, she reminded Khan, adding that the PTI controlled the president and the then-chief minister of Punjab. She instructed the PTI head to go to court with the proof.
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